Billiards Roach Clip
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Our Billiards Roach Clip Keychains stand 3.5 inches tall with a width of 1.5 inches

Elevate your session with our 8-Ball billiards roach clip! Introducing our cute billiards-themed weed clip, designed for the 420 enthusiasts. Shop for this adorable online smoke shop accessory online at Shop Bloomfield and buy your Cute 8-Ball Roach Clip today. Billiards? Yes. Pool? MORE YES! Our roach clips are stylish and convenient for the lovers of the game. You don't have to be a pool pro to find your way around these! Features a keychain attachment for ease of transport, and clip at the end to put your desired paper smoking vehicle. 

Available in two options, 7 and 8-ball. Maroon and black in color

*As our items are created by hand, the colors and shapes vary slightly from piece to piece -  ie: wider base radius, longer neck, slightly different patterns

*Clean before first use and after using all products

Tobacco use only